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Pittsburgh, PA

"One of the easiest things I have ever done.  I was surprised at how easy and fun this could be.  Thanks so much!"

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Chrisy L.

Dallas, TX

"Thanks for a great trip.  The beach was gorgeous.  I'm ready for Bermuda.  Can't wait to do more modeling, photo and video production work."

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Amber P.

Winchester, VA

"Thank you so much for making this fun and exciting for me.  I can't believe how easy and fun this was.  Plus, I got to keep all the cloths." 

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Martinsburg, WV

"Spent 3 days on a travel shoot.  Spent most of my time walking the beach and boardwalk.  Easy and fun!"

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Tisha M.

Hazleton, PA

"My best vacation ever!  All expenses were paid, plus compensation.  It didn't feel like work.  Thanks again!"

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Hagerstown, MD

"Was short on cash at the holiday's.  I did some local work and was able to give my kids the Christmas they deserve.  Super easy.  Thanks!"

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Orlanda, FL

"I had a great time on the cruise.  Spent most of my time enjoying what the ship had to offer.  It sure did not feel like work." 

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Jennifer S.

Newark, DE

"Did some local work to help pay my last semester of tuition.  I might consider doing this full time."

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Tampa, Florida

"Thanks for the paid working vacation shoot.  I never thought I could get paid 1000s of dollars to work a few hours a day and spend the rest of the time relaxing on the beach." 

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Toronto, CA

"I traveled to the states for a week, just to get away from Toronto's harsh winter.  Thank you so much for the vacation to the states plus the compensation.  Loved it."  

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