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International Recruiting

We are also currently hiring International female models for photo and video production work.  We are currently looking for females that would be interested in traveling to the United States for a short stay, extended period of time or indefinitely providing you with a permanent U.S. Visa.  It would be an excellent opportunity for someone to vacation to the United States at no cost to you.  We offer flight reimbursement, all travel expenses paid, transportation to and from the airport, logging, food, compensation, plus all additional daily expenses paid in full while here.

Behind on the bills?  Need to make that last minute payment?  Are you a student with little cash flow?  Want to get out of town and vacation to the United States and make some extra money?  Or maybe cruise to the Caribbean?  Solve those problems with a one-time shoot!  We offer an easy, safe, fun professional work environment.  Contact us right away to get started! 

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